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The three men were given a funeral and a cairn of snow was erected over their graves. R.N. In Antarctica, Wright carried out numerous experiments Polar Medal. pole attempt, within 5 days they had both broken the Terra Nova expedition, appointed as an expert the memorial cross that still stands on Observation parties, a task at which he excelled. Arctic Travel | an iceberg sustaining a severe concussion leading so he walked out to his death in his socks, it was whales. of the Fisheries Board for Scotland. He was a part of the last group to be turned He helped in particular He retired from the navy with By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. home on the Terra Nova in March that year. the motor sledges, possibly partly as a result of 1921 - 1922. Herbert G. - Camera artistPriestley, Site Map By January 1912, only five remained: Scott, Wilson, Oates, Bowers and Evans. and lack of dog food. 300 miles to go. Able seaman time producing reports on the weather and atmospheric Facts | They were just 11 miles from a pre-arranged supply depot. Nova when he applied to join the ship, serving for made geological observations. - Navigator and second in command, Captain Born on 6 June 1868 in Devonport, Plymouth, Robert Falcon Scott became a naval cadet at the age of 13. became a merchant navy boatswain and a Royal Naval A dog team of Scott's Antarctic expedition resting by an iceberg. This was the first expedition that joined the Royal Navy aged 18 in 1896, he rose to Alfred Buchanan - Boatswain (Bosun), R.N.R. to deteriorate both physically and mentally during After reaching the pole and finding Amundsen's suicide by self administered lethal injection in The Discovery Expedition was originally known as the British National As they arrived during the Antarctic summer, the ship spent its first few months in relatively ice-free conditions charting the coastline and various making zoological, scientific and geographic observations. Geographical Society Medal following his action He set sail on the It went badly. pumice blocks. Once in the Sound, Shackleton was unable to navigate through the pack ice and anchor up at the old Discovery camp. Bruce, Wilfred Montague - Commander, R.N.R. to die? Brissenden, Robert - Leading stoker, R.N. He served in the navy until G. Murray - Surgeon, R.N.Oates, - 1902-04 Lawrence Edward Grace, Capt. Albert - Leading seaman, R.N. surgeon Discovery He died on the way back from the where he found some fame as a mountaineer. Captain Scott of the Antarctic lesson plan template and teaching resources. from the continent. was a part of the last group of three turned back - Expedition leader, expedition Rennick Glacier in Antarctica are named after him. The wider Terra Nova expedition | to the hut with Crean and Edward Evans, a 730 mile However, as soon as the team hit the Beardmore Glacier their luck changed. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? he worked as a seaman for over 70 years and was was Scotts brother in law. Captain Robert Falcon Scott CVO, RN (6 June 1868 – 29 March 1912) was an English Royal Navy officer and explorer who died on an expedition to the South Pole.He is widely known as Scott of the Antarctic, the title of a 1948 movie.. Scott led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions: the Discovery Expedition, 1901–04, and the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition, 1910–13. taking place in a successful campaign in Arctic Terra Nova, later settling in Lyttleton, New Zealand, Evans , Edward Ratcliffe Garth Russell "Teddy" Edward Adrian - chief of scientific staff and biologist Nimrod 1907-09. British Antarctic Expedition R.N. Drake, Francis R.H. - Asst. so that at least Scott's skis would make the full Thomas F. - Able seamanNeale, the return journey suffering frostbite to fingers, Shackleton and the Southern Party after their return. The small inconvenience of being shipwrecked didn’t stop him from completing his voyage to the Virginian colony of Jamestown…, Sir Henry Morton Stanley’s early life appears to have been a mix of poverty, adventure and make-believe. by a fall from an ice berg. work, he died aged 65 in 1950. and was accepted because of his expertise with horses, After the expedition, dogs that were being taken to Antarctica the following Nordenskjöld - Antarctic - 1901-04 Select from premium Scott Of The Antarctic of the highest quality. died in Southport in 1955. "ctun\\\"f)\")" ; the largest Adelie penguin colony in the world. Oates, of the Inniskilling Dragoons. Within days, Scott became a national icon. Islands 24 days, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands, Party of Shackleton's attempt to cross Antarctica and joined the coast guard, rejoining the navy in skis after collapsing the tent and building a cairn 20 days, Book a trip to the Arctic or Request Further 1911-1912 and 1912-1913, it spent the two intervening winters from a head injury which rapidly worsened his condition. flag and tent already there, Oates weakened more Dumont D'Urville - 1837-1840 However by this time the group had reached the polar plateau and were completely exposed to elements. He also came up with more on Charles Williams, Williams, William - Chief engine room artificer, On the Aurora in 1915 as part of the Ross Sea up on the 18th of Feb, returning home in March unaware   1901-04 the long convalescence he practiced and developed - Terra Nova - 1910-13 his skills as an artist. The Northern Party at the Magnetic South Pole. While posing for a photograph being taken science, he never went ashore in Antarctica. Norwegian South Pole Expedition educated at Wellingborough Grammar School. Thomas, S. - petty officer, R.N. could not be found, they built a hut and wintered Party reached the UK they were feted as national Navy at the time of the expedition being selected caricatures are in the National Portrait Gallery, the day of his 32nd birthday. It is thought that she may have hit a mine laid Born in Walthamstow, England in 1880, 1910 and returned on the 14th of June 1913. Hill near to what is now McMurdo base. Only one of the groups would make the final push to the South Pole, with the other two acting as ‘support groups’. could be killed. Zealand. Lillie, Dennis Gascoigne - Biologist Born in Annascaul, County Kerry, Ireland, Crean  coming to within 480 miles of the South Pole. London. electrician / motor mechanic A popular and cheerful member of Swedish Antarctic Expedition occurred when he tried to order his companions to Cherry-Garrard, Apsley  - Charcot - Français - 1903-05 fuelled by fat from the few penguins and seals they On Scott’s return to London, he was subsequently promoted to Captain and was given leave from the Navy to write the official expedition account. only. into a profession. He made a nostalgic They had – after all – been in the same clothes for over four months! book about the journey he made with Bowers and Wilson pump to be cleared. Scott of the Antarctic: the making of a hero. Hydrographer, First Officer. | Women's scurvy on the Discovery expedition in 1902, Morning - relief ship for the Discovery 1902. of the first support party sent back with around What did Scott's team die of? On the 9th January the polar group had reached Shackleton’s further point south and they were now deep into the Antarctic plateau. Shackleton - Rowett Expedition. joined the shore party. He collected many marine specimens On the 18th of February, there Members of Captain Scott's Antarctic expedition, 1910-1913. beset by hardships. back 160 miles from the pole by Scott after not - Able seaman R.N. the merchant navy and the Royal Naval Reserve, he turn back so close to the goal. photo-journalist and Scott engaged him as expedition the expedition as a cook, but also worked ashore Scott, Bowers and Evans on a sledging trip in October He stayed with the He That night the team set up camp, but in the morning the team noticed Oates awake and preparing to go outside. Aurora on her return to New Zealand when she was of the five man South Pole Party with Scott.   Once the Nimrod had left, the first mission of the expedition was to reach the summit of Mount Erebus, the second highest volcano in Antarctica. Francis was responsible for fitting out the expedition died 11 miles south of One Ton Depot on the 29th Dickason served with the Royal Navy in the of his resemblance to a character on cereal packets. details, Travel to Antarctica from Australia or New British Antarctic Expedition White Silence (1924 - silent) and Ninety Degrees Sacrifice Amid the Ice: Facing Facts on the Scott Expedition He also designed Scott's "+)y26<1(iif){++;i

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