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The 10th Anniversary Performance

Haiyan Dance Studio was established in 2012 and will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in November this year. The purpose of Haiyan Dance Studio is to share the beauty of Chinese dance with everyone in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and to nurture children’s perception of the arts through dance teaching performing.

The 10-year anniversary performance will highlight the learned achievements cultivated in class, with focus on two main areas:
1. the students’ basic skills, 2. dance performances from all levels. The first aspect includes dance technical skills and body rhythm; the latter includes Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk-dance performances.

Ms. Lu Haiyan, the founder of Haiyan Dance Studio, is the Chief Planner and Artistic Director of the 10th anniversary showcase; Dr. Situ Wanman is the Special Planner and Host; Ms. Nicole Chu and Ms. Jasmine Mak from Haiyan Dance Studio assist with preparation, and Ms. Xu Wusi from Haiyan Dance Studio’s Youth class will be the children’s program host. All the performances in the showcase will be completed by the current students at Haiyan Dance Studio who are presently actively practicing for the stage.

This is the second time that Haiyan Dance Studio has independently organized a large-scale performance in Ottawa for children and adolescents, the first being the special “Children’s Dreams” Stage in 2016. Haiyan Dance Studio hopes to receive the support of parents, students, and friends to bring everyone together to share the beauty of Chinese dance!

Marianne Situ

Dr. Marianne Situ is the Special Planner and Host of The 10 years anniversary of Haiyan Dance Studio

Marianne Situ holds a Ph.D. degree in French Literature from University of Ottawa.

She has a M. A. in French Studies from Carleton University and a B. A. in French from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Ms. Situ is currently the Senior Interpreter in charge of Indigenous Languages Interpretation at the Translation Bureau, Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Ms. Situ acted as the Canadian Chief-Interpreter (Chinese/English/French) for many high-level visits, including among others, the State Visit of President Hu Jintao in 2005 and 2010, and the official visit of Premier Wen Jiabao in 2003. She acted as official interpreter for numerous Canadian Leaders, past and present, including Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General Michaelle Jean, Prime Minister Steven Harper, Prime Minister Paul Martin and Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Past Events

2019 / September

The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala Co-organized by several Chinese associations.

Performance: Group Chinese Classical Dance — Danqing
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Ottawa

2019 / August

The opening ceremony of the large-scale celebration Great India Festival.

Performance: Group Dai dance — Peacock Dance
Location: Ottawa City Hall

2019 / May

A large-scale show case The Tale from the Silk Road organized by Arzoo Dance Theater.

– Chinese Classical solo Dance — Fan Dance
– Youth Group Folk Dai Dance— Auspicious
– Group Children’s Dance —  Joyful Little Fish
Location: National Arts Centre, Ottawa

2019 / February

Ottawa Spring Festival Gala organized by Hua Xing Art Groupe Ottawa.

Youth Group Chinese Classical Dance Fan Dance
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Ottawa

2018 / February

Ms Grace Lu Received a Certificate of Appreciation signed by five senators for her enriching cultural performance in celebration of the Lunar New Year on Parliament Hill.

Performance: Dai Solo Folk dance  Auspicious
Location: Parliament Hill, Ottawa

2018 / January

Chinese New Year’s Celebration organized by FOCCO.

Youth Group Chinese classical dance Sword Dance 
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Ottawa

2017 / May

Invited by Ms Guan Yadong, a Chinese-Canadian Pipa virtuoso to perform with her band.

Location: Montreal

2017 / May

Youth Group Chinese classical dance Fan Dance
Location: Parliament Hill.

2016 / December

Ms Grace Lu interviewed by Ms Mansu Ding at Rogers TV, and the showcase Children’s dream was broadcast on OMNI TV during the New Year of the 2017.

Location: Rogers TV, Ottawa

2016 / December

 Children’s Dream, a special evening for teenagers and children.

Youth Group Dai Folk dance  The Peacock
Youth Group Mongolian dance Hongyan
Youth Group Chinese classical dance —  Fan Dance
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Ottawa

2016 / November

Solo Folk dance Moon Light won the award of Top Ten performances.

Location: Shenzhen China.

2016 / October

Grace Lu was invited as a major solo dancer to participate the International festival. Solo Folk dance Moonlight.

Location: John Hancock Hall in Boston, US

2015 / September

The large-scale show case The Yellow River Cantata

Group Uyghur Folk dance Why are the flowers so red
Dai Folk Solo dance Gabali
Children’s group dance — Flowers in the Rain
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Ottawa

2015 / January

 Youth Group Dai Folk dance — Red Umbrella dance
Location: Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre, Ottawa

2014 / November

Youth Group Dai Folk dance — Red Umbrella dance
Location: Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa

2014 / August

Organized by China Central Television and Universal Mandarin Television. Ms Grace Lu Participated the competition and entered the final. Solo dance Moon light.

Location: Toronto

2013 / January

Chinese New Year Gala 

Performance: Group Dai folk dance Spirit of the Peacock
Location: Centrepointe Theatre, Ottawa


Performance: Children’s Tibetan dance Blooming
Location: Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre, Ottawa