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C.A.S Number: 67375-30-80 (correct stereochemistry) Structural formula: See image below. Aza-Direct, Neemazad, Neemazal. product labeling. Brand names: Elimite, Nix, Nix Complete Lice Treatment System, Acticin Drug class(es): topical anti-infectives Permethrin topical is used in the treatment of: Head Lice; Lice; Scabies; Multi-ingredient medications containing permethrin: permethrin/piperonyl butoxide/pyrethrins topical. Regulatory Status: Trade names are Neo-Pynamin and Duracide for tetamethrin and Neo-Pynamin Forte for d-tetramethrin. Trade Name, Common Name, and Pesticide Class The following is a list of the common name, associated class and trade name of active ingredients in this publication. Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used to %PDF-1.5 %���� Many products containing cypermethrin are classified as Rev. classified toxicity class II - moderately toxic. This table lists the trade names of insecticides available to homeowners and other residents. This year, GardenTech is switching the active ingredient in Sevin ® Insect Killer from carbaryl to zeta-cypermethrin, a newer pyrethroid insecticide. Siperin, Stockade, and Super. Assessment Program. Molecular weight: 416.3 OTHER INFORMATION ON IDENTITIES AND PROPERTIES Technical Brand Name Application Dose / Acre Mode of Action 1. purchased and used only by certified applicators. Learn more about how the FQPA safety factor is applied in the review of pyrethroids. Abamectin 1.8% EC Vertimec (Syngenta), Tagmec 1.9 EC (Tropical), ABC 1.85% EC (KR) Red mite of strawberry, cotton, cucumber, potato, soybean, tomato and sweet melon Leaf miners of sugarbeet 50-100 ml/acre, 5-10 ml/pump Chloride channel activators group. formulations are toxicity class III - slightly toxic. other regulatory requirements. It may also be used in non-food areas in schools, The common names of the insectides are followed by the italicized chemical names and the capitalized commercial trade names. industrial buildings, houses, apartment buildings, greenhouses, concentrate or wettable powder. . h�bbd``b`���S�`M�. University of Idaho, and the University of California at Davis Cypermethrin 100 g/L EW Trade name(s) Cypermethrin 100 g/L EW, ‘EXIT 100’ Manufacturer´s development code number(s) Ingredient of preparation Function % Content Cypermethrin cis:trans/40:60 Active ingredient 10% w/v (100 g/L) Details of co-formulants are presented in the confidential annex (see point B2.2). endstream endobj startxref as a reference or resource. endstream endobj 1721 0 obj <. Brand names: Lice Solution, RID Complete Kit, Complete Lice Treatment Kit. EXTOXNET primary files maintained and archived at Oregon State cypermethrin is a mixture of eight different isomers, each of 1720 0 obj <> endobj Monocrotophos 36 SL (Systemic+Contact) 1.5-3 ml Red Storm,Monocrown,Monohit, Monodhan,Phoskill,Tatamono, Acaricide 2. PRODUCT/ ITEM CODE (LRMP NO.) Class ... cypermethrin Ammo Cymbush Demon SP III 1,600 250. Target Insects. Chemical Name Dose&Group (ml or g /L) Commercial Name 53. containing cypermethrin bear the Signal Word WARNING or CAUTION Product Trade Names: Talstar, Bifen IT, Permethrin SFR, Tengard SFR, Dragnet SFR, Steri-Fab Some insects such as German roaches or bed bugs may in some instances be able to recover from the effects of the first generation pyrethroids after knockdown but before death. Molecular formula: C 22 H 19 Cl 2 NO 3. Cyperhard Tech, Cyperkill, Cypermar, Demon, Flectron, Fligene CI, In 2019 and 2020, EPA published the following documents: A white paper reevaluating the FQPA safety factor for pyrethroids. A second white paper explaining the insufficiency of the current physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model to estimate uncertainty factors for individual pyrethroid risk assessments. Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) by the EPA because of University. Qld, WA Restricted Use Pesticides may be Common, Chemical and Trade Names of Insecticides Used in this Guide Trade Common Name Chemical Name IRAC Classification Company Hero Bifenthrin + zeta Cypermethrin (2-methyl[1,1′-biphenyl]-3-yl)methyl (1R,3R)-rel-3-[(1Z)-2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoro-1-propen-1-yl]-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate CATEGORY (TRADE NAME) DESCRIPTION (ACTIVE INGREDIENT) HS CODE 8450 ABADO 50WP dimethomorph 3808929000 6304 ABAMEC 018 abamectin 3808591090 6987 ABATE temephos 3808919090 5506 ABATE 1.1G temephos 3808919090 7801 ABATE 1GR temephos 3808919090 8673 ABATE 500 temephos 3808919090 6682 ABATIN 1.9 … It was last revised cypermethrin's toxicity to fish. University. Milbemectin 1 EC 0.5 ml Blue Milbeknock 56. Mustang* (zeta-cypermethrin): A pyrethroid insecticide that works by contact as a nerve toxin. The majority of the 14 C (68% and 59%) resided in the cream fraction. The classes are herbicides (H), insecticides (I), fungicides (F), and other chemicals (O). 1742 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6336891CA5185A43A3557DCCE4352FB6><803A0F064DBD004C869FC2DA95127245>]/Index[1720 41]/Info 1719 0 R/Length 104/Prev 168222/Root 1721 0 R/Size 1761/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Nufarm Chlorpyrifos 500EC Insecticide Approved: 30 July 2019 3 CROP INSECT STATE RATE WHP1 CRITICAL COMMENTS Vol/ha Vol/100 L Cassava Cutworm (Agrotis spp.) Find my closest branch Contact us This list is provided as an aid in reviewing pesticide data. III … properties. United States Office at Pectteidei and Toxic Sutactence* Environmental Protection Office of Pesticide ProgrMns (TS-766C) Agency Washington, DC 20460 540/FS-89-046 • v°/EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet Name Of Chemical: Cypermethrin Reason for Issuance: Registration Update Date Issued: January 3, 1939 Fact Sheet Number: 199 1. Offices of Cornell University, Oregon State University, the ... Trade name. Alpha-cypermethrin Trade name and formulation type of the pesticide: Various including the following (copies of MSDS’s supplied) CROP CARE -DOMINIX DUO FARMOZ – ALPHA-SCUD ELITE NUFARM – ASTOUND DUO NUFARM – FASTAC DUO NUFARM –ASTOUND DUO NUFARM – FASTAC DUO CROP CARE - DOMINIX DUO ZETA-CYPERMETHRIN (MUSTANG MAXX) is a 0.8EC pyrethroid insecticide registered for the control of numerous insect species on pome and stone fruits. Cypermethrin is a carboxylic ester resulting from the formal condensation between 3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid and the alcoholic hydroxy group of hydroxy(3-phenoxyphenyl)acetonitrile. Registered for use as a foliar spray on globe artichoke, brassicas, bulbs, sweet corn, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, roots, and tubers for control of a wide variety of insect pests. a week from 8:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time. Cymbush, Cymperator, Cynoff, Cypercopal, Cyperguard 25EC, TRADE OR OTHER NAMES: The active ingredient deltamethrin (NRDC 161 and RU 22974) is found in a variety of commercial insecticide products. Lambda-cyhalothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and acaricide. 1078 Zeta-cypermethrin TRR in milk reached a plateau on the 2 nd or 3 rd day of dosing. emulsifiable concentrate or wettable powder. Plateau levels were approximately 0.0007–0.0009 mg/kg. List of known side effects Trade names are capitalized and have a trade mark following them. vegetable crops. Data call-ins (DCIs) for cypermethrin were issued in 1991 for basic toxicology and residue chemistry data, and in 1995 for handler exposure and worker re-entry data. It has a role as a pyrethroid ester insecticide, a pyrethroid ester acaricide, an agrochemical and a molluscicide. It is available as an emulsifiable Cypermethrin is light stable. in 1996. If you don't find a fact sheet related to Trade names include Ammo, Arrivo, Barricade, Basathrin, CCN52, USDA/Extension Service/National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Code designations include SP 1103 and FMC 9260. Insecticides Genfarm Alpha Cypermethrin 250SC Insecticide For the control of certain insect pests, including redlegged earth mite on certain field crops and pastures and certain Insect pests on fruit and vegetable crops as indicated in the Directions for Use table. Please visit the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) to find Some Methyl parathion 50 EC 1 ml Red Metacid,Dhanumar,Devithion 54. Formulation: Technical The information in this profile may be out-of-date. %%EOF Please refer to the pesticide NPIC is open five days aircraft. EXTOXNET no longer updates this information, but it may be useful 2/08 Common Name Ohert Names asCl s Toxicity Cgteorya Acute LD 50 Dermal (Mg./Kg.) Some trade names for cypermethrin include Ammo, Arrivo, Barricade, Basathrin, CCN52, Cymbush, Cymperator, Cynoff, Cypercopal, Cyperguard 25EC, Cyperhard Tech, Cyperkill, Cypermar, Demon, Flectron, Fligene CI, Folcord, Kafil, NRDC 149, Polytrin, PP383, Ripcord, Siperin, Stockade and Super. permethrin/piperonyl butoxide/pyrethrins topical. A few years ago the Sevin ® trade name was purchased by the pesticide distributor GardenTech. Major support and funding was provided by the 1800 Concord Pike Common, Chemical and Trade Names of Insecticides Used in this Guide. Trade names for products containing deltamethrin include Butoflin, Butoss, Butox, Cislin, Crackdown, Cresus, Decis, Decis-Prime, K … USEPA/OPP Pesticide Code 209600; Trade Names: FMC 45497, NRDC 160, Fastac, Bestox. Trade Common Name Chemical Name IRAC Classification Company DeLice Permethrin 3-phenoxybenzyl (1RS)-cis,trans-3-(2,2- dichlorovinyl)-2,2- dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate (IUPAC) 3A Coopers 1760 0 obj <>stream Folcord, Kafil Super, NRDC 149, Polytrin, PP 383, Ripcord, Trade and Other Names: Prallethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.Prallethrin 1.6% w/w liquid vaporizer is a repellent insecticide which is generally used for the control of mosquitoes in the household. Oral (Mg./Kg.) It is applied to crops such as cotton and ornamentals. Pre-mixes are not cataloged. FMC, the FMC logo and all trademarks, service marks, logos, business names and trade names are the property of FMC Corporation and/or its affiliates or licensors in the U.S. and/or other countries. Synonyms Tetramethrin (BSI, E-ISO, ANSI) is the common name in use. Methyl parathion 2% DP 25 Kg/ha I Folidol dust 55. Urine (54%) and faeces (43%) were the major routes of excretion of the administered 14 C. Levels of 14 C in the fat were generally higher than in the other tissues. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/Office of Pesticide Program's Chemical Ingredients Database on Alphacyperrmethrin (67375-30-8). and the Institute for Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State DISCLAIMER: The The CAS registry numbers are 7696-12-0; 51348-90-4 for (1R)-cis isomer and 1166-46-7 for (1R)-trans isomer. h�b```����� ��ea�� �Oџ���P#KM��a߻9 PeBbW��p^��T���(ɝ�y�FՊ�Ux>�����p;��LN��``��� �� Q�&`�����``42A���/� -��`�(>��()>m�XS\���_�NB�Q���5K%rt�����I�H20����S��i?�f"~� -�? A Pesticide Information Project of Cooperative Extension supersede the information on the pesticide product labeling or The updated pesticide fact sheets. Technical cypermethrin is a mixture of eight different isomers, Zeneca Ag Products on the product label, depending on the particular formulation. Trade and Other Names: Trade names include Ammo, Arrivo, Barricade, Basathrin, CCN52, Cymbush, Cymperator, Cynoff, Cypercopal, Cyperguard 25EC, Cyperhard Tech, Cyperkill, Cypermar, Demon, Flectron, Fligene CI, Folcord, Kafil Super, NRDC 149, Polytrin, PP … which may have its own chemical and biological properties. �����Hp| l�@��DL �%H6Ċ�P�$�€��6 !�HĬb`bds�20R�����@� v�] 0 control many pests, including moth pests of cotton, fruit, and Wilmington, DE 19897, References for the information in this PIP can be found in Introduction: China Insecticide manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Insecticide products in best price from certified Chinese Pesticides manufacturers, Electronic Insect Killer suppliers, wholesalers and factory on … azadirachtin. 5 deet OFF Misc. ALPHA-CYPERMETHRIN INFORMATION Common name alpha-cypermethrin (E-ISO, BSI), alpha-cyperméthrine (F-ISO) Synonyms alphamethrin (rejected common name), alfoxylate Chemical names ... commercialised under the trade names of Duranet, MAGNet and Royal Sentry respectively. Reference List Number 2. your question, feel free to call 1-800-858-7378. Cypermethrin is light stable. plants, and as a barrier treatment insect repellent for horses. each of which may have its own chemical and biological Pesticides Rate of application is 1.28 to 4.0 fl oz per acre, with a seasonal maximum of 24 fl oz per acre. treatment to control insect pests in stores, warehouses, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, in food processing Cypermethrin is Alpha-cypermethrin is a broad-spectrum type II pyrethroid restricted use pesticide that is registered for use on soybeans, corn, vegetables, sugar beets, wheat, alfalfa and other minor crops. It is also used for crack, crevice, and spot laboratories, and on ships, railcars, buses, trucks, and It is available as an Cypermethrin is on reregistration List B; thus no Registration Standard was completed. cypermethrin was registered after 1984, only cypermethrin is subject to reregistration. information in this profile does not in any way replace or It is used to control pests like aphids and butterfly larvae.

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